Make your home a smart home with home automation

When it comes to home automation Marshall and McCourt are the Tees Valley experts. No job too big or too small, our division of engineers are time-served and experienced in all aspects of electrical works and are on hand to offer their services – we can turn your normal home into a smart home with home automation technology!

Smart Homes




We are extremely excited to have partnered with Loxone – experts in smart home with home automation technology.

We are also proud of the fact that Marshall & McCourt are the only Loxone Gold Partner in the North East. Read more about our achievement here.

In a Smart Home, you can control everything from your lighting and heating to your security and other consumer devices with just a flick of a switch when you’re at home, or a swipe of your phone when you’re not. Your home will become smarter, safer, more comfortable and energy efficient, whilst a central, intelligent nerve centre monitors and responds automatically to things in and around the house. So, wave goodbye to isolated devices and say hello to your new, simple and affordable centrally managed system!


Multi Zone Heating

Did you know that 60% of your energy bill comes from heating your home? In a smart home with home automation your heating system optimises the way you heat your home by maximising efficiency and ensuring you only heat your home when you need to. You can choose to take control of your heating from your smartphone or simply let it get on with things automatically in the background. The best bit? It could slice your heating bills by up to a third!

Unlike a single smart thermostat which can only manage the heating for one zone, Loxone offers an intelligent heating solution which allows you to control the temperature in each and every room of your home. Isn’t it time you stopped paying to heat a room that you’re not using? If you only sit in your living room in the evenings, why waste money heating it in the mornings? Be smart and go Loxone!


Fed up of telling your children to turn the lights of behind them? Maybe you’re off on holiday but are worried about your home security and would like to have you lights on for a few hours at night? In a smart home with home automation you can control your lighting at any time and from anywhere with the touch of a button. LED strips, lighting scenes, dimming and so much more… create the perfect look in your home with lighting control from Loxone. Simple to use and with no complicated touch panels or high-tech wizardry you can create a relaxed atmosphere, whilst having the added bonus of saving energy.

Multi Room Audio

Multi room audio allows you to listen to different music in different rooms in your home, or have your music follow you as you move between rooms. You can stream your songs wirelessly via Airplay and listen to different music in up to 20 zones throughout your home!

This intelligent powerful home sound system is sleek, including speakers that slot seamlessly into your ceiling, so you can enjoy great sound without the clutter. Control your music from anywhere via the app, switch or PC browser. Skip songs, adjust the volume and change the source all from one switch… it really is that easy!

Blinds & Shading

Whether you’ve got blinds, awnings or shutters, your Loxone smart home with home automation can bring them all together so that you are able to manage them centrally. You can even adjust them when you’re on the go via an app on your smartphone.

Take advantage of the energy form the sun to bring your rooms to a desired temperature. The blinds are kept open during the day until the room reaches a comfortable temperature, and then lowered to prevent overheating.


In a Smart Home, energy is managed and consumption is optimised. The system automatically switches off devices and appliances on standby to help you save energy… and money on electricity bills!

When the sun’s out, your home uses the free electricity to run the washing machine or heat the water tank. Then when the sun goes in, there’s no need to buy electricity back from the grid when you want a hot shower.

Get an instant overview of how much you’re spending on your energy with the graphics and statistics function within the app. Receive updates on your energy production, consumption and yield via email. You can receive update as often as you like: daily, weekly, monthly or longer.


Keep your home safe with our smart alarm system. You don’t need to buy a separate alarm panel either – you can simply integrate existing components already in your home, such as your motion sensors and AV system. The flexibility offered by the Miniserver means that you can set up a completely personalised smart security system that’s tailored to your home and your family.

In case of emergency – whether burglary, fire or flooding, you can have your home call you immediately and alert you to the situation.

The alarm can be easily controlled via switch or on-the-go via your smart phone. Your alarm can arm automatically upon leaving the house, and disarm when you return home – how you configure it is up to you!

Case Study - Orchard Lodge, Thirsk, North Yorkshire

This remarkable home in the town of North Yorkshire was turned into a smart home by Loxone Gold Partner, Marshall & McCourt. The listed property has been renovated throughout to offer a charming blend of traditional features and modern technology.

Read the full case study here: Orchard Lodge, North Yorkshire