Service and Maintenance Packages

Marshall & McCourt provide comprehensive service and maintenance packages for your products. We can maintain your heating, plumbing and energy products so they work to full efficiency in your home.

Pick a Plan That Works For You and Your Family

Whether you encounter a problem with your central heating system or a leaky pipe, or even worse, a blockage in your above ground drainage system, we’ve got a range of plumbing and heating cover plans which offer piece of mind.

All our cover plans are for domestic natural gas boiler and central heating systems.

6 Months Free Cover

6-months free cover provided on all 24-month plans for new customers.

12 Month Guarantee

We provide a 12-month guarantee on all our products and services. Our highly experienced engineers are always available, should you encounter any problems with your equipment.

Optimise Your Products' Efficiency

Save money and utilise the efficiency of products throughout your home by investing in one of our service & maintenance packages.


Cover Plans Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Marshall & McCourt cover plan?

Marshall & McCourt are offering a variety of service plans to the Systems that include a variety of ongoing maintenance; servicing; and repairs (subject to the chosen Marshall & McCourt Plan).
Depending on which Marshall & McCourt Plan is chosen; you may be entitled to unlimited Call Outs; free parts and labour; and an Annual Service.

Please note that there is Eligibility Criteria, which must be met in order for you to be eligible for a Marshall & McCourt Plan. Failure to meet such Eligibility Criteria may lead to you being ineligible for the chosen Marshall & McCourt Plan and/or the termination of the Marshall & McCourt Plan (should your eligibility not be established until after the Marshall & McCourt Plan has been ordered). Please
note clause 5 of the attached Terms and Conditions in this regard.

What does purchasing a Marshall & McCourt plan mean?

If you purchase a Marshall & McCourt Plan, it means that you will be entitled to a variety of ongoing services to your Systems, which will include unlimited call-outs of a Marshall & McCourt engineer, who is available during business hours, in order to identify any faults and carry out any repairs to the Systems which are necessary (subject to the Eligibility Criteria and chosen Marshall & McCourt Plan).

How do you sign up?

If you agree to enter into a contract to purchase a Marshall & McCourt Plan (“Contract”) in accordance with this letter and enclosed Terms and Conditions, please return a signed acknowledgement of
this letter confirming your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as soon as possible to Carly Blyth, Marshall and McCourt Plumbing & Heating Contractors Limited, Unit 13 Marston Court, Marston Road, Portrack Industrial Estate, Stockton-On-Tees, TS18 2PN or by electronically accepting our Terms and Conditions online (which will automatically send an email notification to us).
Upon receipt of this signed acknowledgement or electric acceptance, the Contract will be formed between you and Marshall and McCourt Plumbing & Heating Contractors Limited for the Marshall & McCourt Plan.

What is the duration of the contract?

The Contract is for either 12 months or 24 months (depending on the chosen Contract Duration).
The Contract is formed between the parties upon Marshall & McCourt being in receipt of a signed copy of this acknowledgement or following the electronic acceptance by you. Please note that any obligations owed by Marshall & McCourt to you in accordance with the Contract and Marshall & McCourt Plan shall not come into existence until the Initial Inspection has taken place.
At least 28 days prior to the end of the Contract Duration, Marshall & McCourt will send Written Notification to you advising that the Contract will automatically renew for a Renewal Period unless Marshall & McCourt receive a Cancellation Notice in writing prior to the end of the Contract Duration.
Please see clause 15 of the Terms and Conditions in this regard.

How do you pay the monthly subscription?

The Monthly Subscription will be payable by you in advance; and on the first working day of each month by direct debit or by other means as agreed in advance between the parties

Do you offer telephone customer support?

As part of the Marshall & McCourt Plan, you will have unlimited call-outs of the Marshall & McCourt engineer (subject to the Excess payable). This can be done by making a Claim to Marshall & McCourt, by contacting them by telephone on 01642 913200 or by email to [email protected] during Normal Business Hours (the hours of 9.00am – 5.00pm, during Monday to Friday).

Do I have the right to cancel the plan?

Please note that you have the right to cancel the Contract within the period of 14 days beginning from the date the Contract is formed (Cancellation Period) and without giving any reason to us.
The Cancellation Period will automatically begin when Marshall & McCourt are in receipt of a signed copy of this acknowledgement (which will be no later than the second Business Day after the date in which you have posted your signed acceptance to us) or as soon as Marshall & McCourt are in receipt of the electronic acceptance (which shall be immediately after you have electronically accepted the Terms and Conditions online).
If you wish to cancel the Contract within the Cancellation Period, please send such notice in writing to Carly Blyth, Marshall and McCourt Plumbing & Heating Contractors Limited, Unit 13 Marston Court, Marston Road, Portrack Industrial Estate, Stockton-on-Tees, TS18.

Do I have the right to terminate the contract?

Please be aware of your rights to terminate the Contract that are detailed in clause 19 of the Terms and Conditions.
You may cancel the Contract at any point during the Duration however will be subject to an Early Repayment Charge.

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