Solar PV Panels for Contractors

Lower electricity bills, reduce your business’ carbon footprint and receive extra revenue with the installation of Solar PV Panels at your commercial and domestic properties.

Lower Your Electricity Bills

The installation of solar PV panels can significantly reduce your business’ electricity bills and protects you from unplanned energy price rises.

Earn Additional Income From Your Solar PV Panels

Under the new Smart Export Guarantee scheme, launched in 2020, licensed electricity suppliers are required to offer payments for the electricity your PV panels generate but don’t use. To get the payment, you have to sign up with a supplier that offers the Smart Export Guarantee.

Long Lifespan and Little Maintenance Required

Quality solar PV panels can last up to 40 years if looked after. They require very little maintenance -a check and a panel clean every few years are all you need to do to ensure your solar panels are working at maximum efficiency.

Why Us?

At Marshall & McCourt, we have an experienced team of solar panel specialists who deliver quality durable products using the latest technology advancements and focus entirely on the individual needs of each customer. We complete the full process from design to installation and handover in-house.
Why us?

Our Vision

Our vision is focused on a world of carbon-free energy production, helping to create a sustainable planet for future generations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce fuel poverty and carbon emissions by creating sustainable homes and organisations through the use of innovative renewable energy solutions and efficient heating systems. 

Our Values

Everything we do as a company, we base on our four core values:
  • Continuous improvement
  • Deliver exceptional outcomes
  • Be pioneers
  • Togetherness


Our Work

Dr Sawyer

Dr Sawyer

Renewable Energy System

Air Source Heat Pump, Solar PV and Battery Storage installation.

Mrs Thompson

Mrs Thompson

Renewable Energy System

Air Source Heat Pump, Solar PV and Battery Storage installation

Mr & Mrs Gatenby

Mr & Mrs Gatenby

Renewable Energy System

By using low-carbon, renewable energy heating we increased the energy efficiency in this home.


Solar PV Panels Leading Manufacturers

At Marshall and McCourt, our team works with the leading manufacturers of solar PV panels, and only install quality, durable and efficient products with proven performance. These include SolarEdge, JA Solar and Solax. Our engineers are highly experienced and trained to install and maintain a wide variety of solar PV panels and inverters.

Apply For Funding

Marshall & McCourt offers a variety of finance and funding options to suit your business needs. Speak to our team today to find out more.
  •  Finance options
  •  Smart Export Guarantee
  • Green Homes Grant LAD funding



Marshall & McCourt are recognised and accredited by a large array of organisations who specialise in the heating and renewable energy sectors.