Mr Scarr, Renewable Energy Technology

A complete renewable energy solution with a heat pump, solar PV and solar thermal panels.

Air Source Heat Pump, Solar PV and Solar Thermal Panels Installation 


We initially became involved in this project after a recommendation from a previous client. Mr Scarr had recently purchased this lovely detached property and was looking to have it fully renovated. He was very interested in renewable technology from a carbon saving point of view and the future proof aspects.


This project consisted of multiple technologies. The customer was looking at a virtually zero carbon solution to heat and power his home. The full heating and hot water system required upgrading with a designer touch being required when specifying the radiators.


It was agreed that the best solution would be to install an Air Source Heat Pump along with Solar PV and Solar Thermal panels. The solar panels would then compliment the heat pump and pressurised hot water tank by the PV contributing towards the heat pumps electrical consumption and the solar thermal providing free hot water in the summer months to save the heat pump needing to be operational. Designer radiators were then added to the system. This project attracted two sets of government RHI payments for the solar thermal and air source heat pump but also qualified for the governments FIT for the solar PV.

The Testimonial

“I am really happy with the full service Marshall & McCourt provided, their advice and recommendation was great and installation perfect!”

Mr Scarr, Darlington

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