The season has changed which means the heating is on more and fuel costs have increased. With Christmas just around the corner have a read of our top 5 tips for saving energy and (more importantly) £££s this winter!

Control Your Heating

Did you know that you could see a saving of between £85 and £90 each if you simply nudge your room thermostat down by just one degree?! [1]

DIY Draught-Proofing

Heat loss due to draughts around doors, windows, gaps around the floor or up through the chimney could be costing you as much as £30 extra per year on your energy bills [2]. Prevent heat escaping by investing in a draught excluder.

Radiator Panels

Reflect the heat emitted from your radiators back into the room by fitting radiator panels behind them. The panels are inexpensive to purchase and could save you as much as 20% on your fuel costs! [3]

Deflect Heat

The strategic placing of a shelf above your radiator directs heat to the centre of your room rather than up towards the top of the room. This is particularly effective in the older houses with higher ceilings.

Shorter Showers

Save around £10 per person off your fuel bill each year by spending only one minute less in the shower [4]. If you have a hot water tank in your property, investing in a water efficient shower head could also see a drop in bills by reducing water usage


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