Mr & Mrs Gatenby, Renewable Energy System

By using low-carbon, renewable energy heating system, we increased the energy efficiency in this home.

Air Source Heat Pump, Underfloor Heating & Solar PV Panels Installation



This building was built in the 1920’s. It is semi-detached, cavity filled and has a suspended floor thus, subsequently, has a large heat loss.



As Mr and Mrs Gatenby were looking to improve the energy efficiency rating of their property and become almost fully carbon neutral. As there were space constraints on this project, a wall mounted heat pump was the best option to meet the requirements.



Improvements were required to the thermal insulation to reduce heat loss in order to make a heat pump a practical solution. We designed a system that could maintain a constant temperature in the home and still be able to provide all hot water requirements efficiently. As the existing gas boiler was relatively new and in good working order, this was utilised within the system as a backup fuel source if ever required. Both the heat pump and gas boiler were fed into a low loss header to allow for simultaneous operation. New underfloor heating pipework was laid into the newly insulated ground floor area with new radiators and pipework installed on the 1st and 2nd floors to meet the new low temperature system requirements. Solar PV was an extra addition to help reduce electricity costs and contribute to the heat pumps electrical requirement.

The Testimonial

“Great service by Marshall & McCourt! Our new Air Source Heat Pump provides all the heating and hot water we can use. Our house is warm and comfortable. Controlling the UFH is different to conventional radiators but easy to get used to.”

Mr & Mrs Gatenby, Middlesbrough

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