27 Sep 2016

Eco funding is a government backed initiative, incentivising low income households to become more energy efficient. The funding was introduced in order to meet the UK’s carbon reduction target set by the EU. The most popular measure to install under the scheme has been A rated, energy efficient gas boilers. Those eligible to receive a free boiler through the scheme have seen a reduction in their fuel bills, alongside the added bonus of no unexpected repair costs.

However, the scheme  is entering a period of change and is due to come to an end in 2017. Starting from April 2017, ECO will be replaced by a one-year transition scheme focusing on the fuel poverty. According to Energy UK, key proposals include, but are not limited to, updating the eligibility criteria to focus on the customers who need the measures the most and enabling Local Authorities to identify eligible customers.

Under new proposals, the gas boiler target is reducing from 120,000 per year to 25,000 so funding will be limited. Marshall and McCourt still have a small volume of funding still available on a first come, fist served basis. To find out if you qualify please visit the ECO section on our heating page or contact our office on 01642 913200 to chat with one of our ECO boiler specialists.